Sentricon Lincoln City
When you need the best in commercial termite protection for your property, Sentricon in Lincoln City installed by trained experts provides superior termite protection. There is one catch—you can only enjoy this level of protection with the help of a Certified Sentricon Specialist™. Finding one isn’t hard, though. You already have. The Killers always do what’s best for their customers. That means staying on the forefront of pest control advancements. That’s why when we learned about Sentricon, we had to find out more. It delivered on every promise, and we’re proud to bring you the next level of property protection.

Get 24/7 protection 365 days a year.

With the power of Sentricon, Lincoln City property owners can enjoy a one-step process that provides control and elimination. These bait stations aren’t just effective on colony workers, they actually get the workers to deliver treatments right to the queen. With a line of underground and above ground stations, Sentricon covers every area termites tread. When installed by professionals it can eliminate current infestations and prevent additional outbreaks.

How does Sentricon work?

Though the formula is a guarded secret, the results are plain to see. Sentricon wipes out a termites’ ability to eat food or reproduce. The Recruit HD termite bait Sentricon traps are undetectable and poisonous to termites. That’s not the best part, though. Termites actually prefer Recruit HD over real wood. There are no pheromones capable of attracting termites, but after a bait station is discovered, they keep coming back for more.

Why choose the power of Sentricon?

  • Termite damage is rarely covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Are you doing anything to prevent it?
  • Termites work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your termite protection needs to work just as hard.
  • Certified exterminators undergo Sentricon approved training. Can your exterminator deliver the best?
  • We trust our homes to the care of Sentricon. Termites never sleep. We sleep easy with Sentricon.

Sentricon Benefits

Get EPA certified protection for your home!

You don’t just need to consider home protection, you need to consider the people in it as well. Sentricon has been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. This is given to products that are found to be environmentally friendly and innovative throughout their design, manufacture, and use. Sentricon received this because of its very low impact on human health, low toxicity to non-termites, and minimal potential for groundwater contamination.

When you’re in the market for a termite treatment, thinking green is synonymous with high-grade protection. Trust the product awarded by the EPA. Over 3 million different structures are currently under the protection of Sentricon. Sensitive sites, homes, skyscrapers, offices, and even statues are protected. You’ll receive guaranteed quality assurance from the exclusive training required for certification. Our exterminators understand the product better than anyone and know how to achieve the beset results.

Contact us for Sentricon in Lincoln City today!

It’s never too late to protect your home from termites. Our technicians are prepared to deliver protection that provides fast elimination now and long-lasting protection later. For 24/7 termite protection call or contact us today!

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